Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here is a sneak peak of our Christmas pictures! Thanks to our sister-in-law, Christine Plamann for the beautiful images. We are doing great! Molly and Pratima love each other so. It is the biggest blessing. We couldn't ask for more.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Summer everyone.  We are adjusting to our summer schedule, and many hours spent together!  Each day brings new experiences and learning opportunities for Pratima.  For example, yesterday Pratima learned:
1.  Not to shut her fingers in the door.  It hurts!
2.  She is not ready to cut her own toenails.
3.  She should not pick up dead animals found in the yard.  (She found a dead bird, and brought it to me saying, "no fly".)
4.  She doesn't like peaches.  (Really?  I love peaches!)
5.  She should NOT shut the automatic sliding van door on Dad.  

As you might guess, our days are not boring!  
Hope you are having a great summer!


Monday, March 2, 2009


 Hello from the North Woods of Wisconsin!  We took a week-end trip up to see my Dad.  It was our first road trip with Pratima- although only a 4 hour one.  She enjoyed Grandpa's house and some of Grandpa's toys.  Grandpa bought the girls a "Kitty Cat" mini snowmobile.  Both girls were scared of it at first, but with some coaxing- and back breaking, knee twisting, double riding with mom- they ending up having a blast on it.  (I'm sure I will make a full recovery- I think Pratima dumped me off the back at least 5 times!).  Each girl has her own driving style......and we are in deep trouble in about 5 years when Pratima is ready for her driver's license!  She is a wild woman.  Her full throttle turning style resulted in Pratima dumped out on the snow!  She didn't mind and always went back for more!  Molly is more even handed with her driving.  Too funny!  Imagine Pratima's thoughts when she saw us don these huge snowmobile helmets....she is such a trooper.  We kept imagining what her friends back in India would say if they saw her now!
We also tried snowshoeing.  It was fun to traipse (sp?) all over the woods and even out onto the lake!  Molly enjoyed this more than Pratima, but Pratima is always a good sport.  I'm pretty sure she thinks we are crazy....".you want me to strap WHAT to these clumsy boots and go for a walk? Yea, right."  We had great weather the whole week-end.  We love to go "Up North"!

Molly loves to feed the deer.  The deer wait in the woods right next to the house until feeding time....they are practically tame- definately trained- animals.  Very fun to watch!
I am so happy to report that Pratima continues to do spectacularly well.  She LOVES school and has made lots of friends.  She skips through the gym when I go to pick her up after school.    The girls at school have been so sweet and help her alot.  She is learning lots of English words, and surprises us often when she comes up with a new phrase- "Just a minute, Mom".  We feel so blessed to have her in our family.  She and Molly continue to negotiate their new roles in sisterhood...(that means they play, they fight, they play, they body check, they get the idea).  Thanks to everyone who continues to pray for our family during this time of transition.  The prayers are working!  Praise God.  With Him all things are possible.  This it true for you too! 
Love to you all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pratima's first day of school!  I think she was pretty happy to go, although a little nervous.  Last week she went and met with the ELL teach for about an hour each day.  Two of the three days she came home talking about BOYS!   She is not used to going to school with boys, and I think they made quite an impression.  I don't really know what she was saying about the boys, but she was talking about the boys.  Today I took both girls to school.  When we came to Pratima's classroom, the girls in the class came to the door saying "she's here, she's here!"  It just makes me tear up, it was so sweet.  I think those 5th grade girls will take good care of her- at least to start!  Here Molly and Pratima share a hug before school.
All dressed up and ready to go....snowpants, boots, hat, mittens, coat, backpack, lunch, school supplies...she was loaded down!
This is where she hangs her coat and backpack.  No lockers, just hooks.  It's alot of work to get dressed and undressed for the cold weather here.  It still takes her some extra time.  Even putting on gym shoes is difficult.  I don't think she had worn anything other than rubber flip flops before she arrived here.   
Last week we also made a trip back to the ear doctor and it seems that Pratima has a hearing loss in both ears from chronic ear infections.  When we first got her, her right ear was infected. We found out last week that her right ear is actually  her better ear.  She probably couldn't hear us at all while we were in India!  The good  news is that both ears can be repaired and hearing restored.  The bad news is that we can't schedule surgery until May.  Learning English when you can't hear very well will be even more challenging.  If you want to talk to her, make sure she is looking at you and speak clearly and slowly.  If there is alot of background noise, it may be hard for her to hear you. 
Happy New Year!  Seems like we have had an abundance of days off of school lately!  Some are planned days off, others have been because of the bitter cold weather.  Because of it, we have had an abundance of time to stay inside, grow together as a family, and sometimes even drive each other crazy as a family!  Pratima is doing great.  She is saying more and  more English words, she is eating well, sleeping well and loves to play lots of games.  One of our new family favorites is Parcheesi- we make popcorn and have family game night!  Molly and Pratima have enjoyed playing with the doll house, fixing the hair on their new dolls, crafting and playing Webkinz.  We took Pratima to pick out her very own Webkinz, and she chose a chicken.?!  Too funny!  I think she would spend the entire day on Webkinz if I let her.  Here is Pratima playing in her bedroom.And Pratima and Molly enjoying the doll house....
 Molly's Brownie troop went ice-skating on one of the days off.  It was both Molly and Pratima's first time on the ice.  I'm sure Pratima thought we were all crazy!  She followed me around, gripping the railing the whole way.  Molly was a star on skates.  On the way home I said how much I enjoyed it, but that I need to take a lesson.  Molly said, "I don't think I need to take a lesson, do you?"  She was feeling pretty proud of herself! 
Look at Molly go!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Pratima opens her stocking at one Christmas gathering.  She loved all her gifts.
Christmas morning at my Mom's house.  Santa found us!  Molly and Pratima snuck downstairs before the rest of us were up!  They had waited long enough!
We had to wait to open until my sister, Matt and the girls arrived.  This is right before we started opening.
Santa brought dolls for Molly and Pratima.  Both girls are delighted with their dolls!  Molly's doll is Julie, and Pratima named her doll Snay-ha.  (Not sure I am spelling that right!)
Clothing for Snay-ha.

A Christmas kiss for Molly.  These three have so much fun together- Pratima just sat back and watched the antics.

Christmas was so special this year for us.  Finally, we have our Pratima with us, and she is thriving.  She skips around the house, has lots of smiles to share, and isn't afraid to be silly with us!  Her face is so expressive, she has no trouble letting us know how she is feeling!  She is saying a few more English words here and there, and seems to understand simple English when we speak to her.  We were worried that large groups of people might be overwhelming for her this year, but she has done beautifully.  She plays with the other kids, and when she gets tired, will come sit with the adults.  She really enjoys playing with little kids, like our niece, Ellie.   

Monday, December 15, 2008

Aimee came over for a visit!  Pratima seemed very happy to see her.  She brought a bag full of goodies for all of us from the Indian grocery store.  Aimee first met Pratima a year ago in India.  She connected us to Pratima.  We will be forever grateful to her for finding our daughter.  Thanks, Aimee for all your help and prayers thoughout the entire process.  We couldn't have done it without your  help.
We payed Molly's Brownie troop a visit last Friday.  Molly gave each girl some Indian bangle bracelets.  This was Pratima's first visit to school.  I'm not sure she loved it.  I don't think she is ready to dive into school just yet.  I am glad that I can spend some time at home with her for now.  It's fun taking her to all the normal places we all take for granted.  Everything is new to her!  Christmas will be interesting.....I'll let you know how she likes it!
Thanks for the continued prayers.  Say an extra for Molly if you think of it- she has had a big change in her life too.